U-We's Home


Hi there! If you don't know by now, here at U-We we love to create. We have had a ton of opportunities to be super creative as we build and style our home. Browse thru as we share some of our personal favorites:

We loved the concept of open shelving in the kitchen and love layering textures to keep things interesting. Here we used honey locust and iron pipe. The look turned out perfect and all the essentials are in plain sight.

P.S. Don't mind Oliver the cat. This particular windowsill happens to be his favored spot for contemplation.


In our great adventure of moving, we chose to downsize. If you have ever downsized you figure out quickly the need for clever storage options. This challenge led to a fun solution. Storage in the bed. We also added a kick plate around the bottom of the bed because I hate when things get shoved under and forgotten about. It makes cleaning a breeze and when you are ready for a change all you have to do is switch up the cubbies or add baskets or, well, the sky's the limit.