Where to start? How about what U-We is and the people behind it? Not all at once of course, but a little at a time. 

You should know from the beginning I am not a writer nor is grammar and spelling a strong suit of mine, so if that is the sort of thing that drives you crazy you may not want to read any further. 

Where U-We began...

It started when we (my husband and I) found ourselves in a place where everything was changing. We had been working for a family-owned business (my parents business) in the medical field- DME if I am being specific. The whole industry was changing and the time came that my parents were ready to retire and do something different. Well, they sat us kids down and it was agreed to sell the businesses (they had an internet company as well). Life as we knew it was a changing. How much it was going to change we had yet to understand.

We loved the idea of a family business so we wanted to create one of our very own. Something we could all have a part in (all is my husband, our two girls and myself) We wanted to be creative. Do something fun and more importantly something that mattered. It turned out that Buddy ( my husband) had a knack for woodworking. To de-stress after work he would go out to his shop and make something out of wood. Over time he developed a passion for it. My oldest daughter is quite the artist. I'm not just being nice, the girl has talent. My little one favors art as well and I, well, I have a good eye and love to nest in our home (I guess that's how I destress).

Over time U-We was born. A custom woodworking business, where we could focus on helping people make good and fun memories. Where our gifts would make you feel warm and snuggled, loved and special.

So here we were, a new adventure awaits. My parents decided that they wanted to move and we (in favor of adventure) decided to follow.....

Oh......My wine glass is empty and its past time for bed, lots of creating to do in the am. I'll have to pick up again later. To be continued. Nite all.